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Illume Starter Kit 

Illume Starter Kit

ILLUME STARTER KIT provides you with all of the products required to produce a beautiful set of nail enhancements while training with Illume.

Illume Starter Kit includes the following:

1 30ml Ice O Blue
1 3.7ml Activate
1 3.7ml Essencia oil
1 30ml Hydrofresh
1 50pk Define French
1 50pk Define natural
1 2gm Neobond
1 15gm Fusion True Pink Powder
1 15gm Fusion Intense White powder
1 50ml Fusion Liquid
1 100pk Lint free wipes
1 Sunshine Buffer
1 Kayak Buffer
1 Silky Sand file
1 15ml Premabond
1 Fast Track Guide
1 Travel bag

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