MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) information on our products, please click on the link below.
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Hawley MSDS

Acrylic Melt
Antifungal Solution
Black Label Acrylic Monomer
Black Label Polymer Pink - White - Clear
Colored Polymers
Cuticle Oil
Diamond Coat Lacquer
Hawley Anti-Bac
Hawley Brush Cleaner
Hawley Cuticle Softener
Hawley Nail Adhesive
Hawley Nail Dissolver
Hawley Nail Lacquer
Hawley Nail Polish Thinner
Hawley Nail Prep
Hawley Sanitising Gel
Hawley Mango Lotion
Hawley Quick Dry Spray
Hawley Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover
Odorless Monomer
Polymer Pink - White
Hawley Pure Acetone
Ridge Filler
Standard Hawley Acrylic Liquid
Standard Hawley Acrylic Powder

Hawley Gels MSDS

Colour Gels
One Phase
Pink Builder Gel


Orly Nail Lacquer
Breathable Nail Lacquer
GelFX 3-1 Cleanser
GelFX Cuticle Oil
GelFX Gel Base Coat
GelFX Gel Top Coat
GelFX Nail Lacquer
GelFX Remover

Gelique Gel MSDS

Gelique - Base and Top Gel
Gelique - Gel Polish

Hawley Tinting Products

Refectocil Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint - 1
Refectocil Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint - 2
Refectocil Liquid Oxidant

Hawley Wax Products

Hot Wax
Parrafin Wax
Pre Wax Prep
Strip Wax

Illume MSDS

Illume Activate
Illume Dissolve
Illume Essencia
Illume Fungrid
Illume Fusion Acrylic Liquid
Illume Fusion Monomer
Illume Fusion Polymer Pink - White - Clear
Illume Hydrofresh
Illume Ice-O-Blue
Illume Premabond
Illume Pure Acetone
Illume Remove
Illume Restore
Illume Revive
Illume Spectrum
Illume Neobond Super Glue Adhesive
Illume Now


Manispa Lotion
Manispa Mask
Manispa Scrub
Manispa Soak


Pedispa Lotion
Pedispa Mask
Pedispa Scrub
Pedispa Soak

China Glaze

All Lacquers
Strong Adhesive Base Coat
Non Yellowing Top Coat
Fast Freeze Quick Dry
Fast Forward
Patent Leather Top Coat
Orange Cuticle Oil
Nail Strengthener / Growth Formula
No Chip Top Coat
Calcium Gel Fortifier
White Tea Extract Manicure Oil
White Tea Extract Manicure Soak
Wireless Topcoat
First & Last
Ridge Filler