All electrical equipment needs for nail services in the salon environment are available here in the one spot. From Gel Lamps and Dryers, to Electric Filing Systems and Dust Collectors.

Hawley™ International is the master importer and distributor in Australia for the complete range of the U.S. manufactured Kupa electric filing systems, drill bits and accessories. We have a system to suit any skill level, from students right through to the ultimate professional.

Kupa is a founding member of the AEFM (Association of Electric File Manufactures) and all Kupa systems have been designed to meet AEFM standards.

Each system also comes complete with its own selection of drill bits, including Diamond, Carbide, Mandrel and Sanding bands and all are accompanied by a full twelve month warranty.

The Hawley™ Lamps range from the 6watt to 45watt. All lamps come complete with globes, and spare bulbs are available for separate purchase.

The most versatile lamp is the 45watt Delta as it is suitable for hands & feet. It has a slide out under-tray (for ease of bulb changing), fan and timer making the service comfortable throughout.



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