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They say that a good foot massage can relax the whole body. With this in mind, Hawley pedispa® has designed a complete pedicure product range that will invigorate, refresh and relax those tired feet.

Some of the ingredients used include; Aloe Vera, known for its soothing and healing properties, and spearmint which provides that cool tingle in the toes.

Clients will enjoy the whole pedispa experience, from the fantastic foot soak to the exhilarating exfoliating scrub, refreshing mask and the hydrating lotion.

We also have a variety of pedipad’ls of varying shapes, sizes and styles to suit every client or technician’s needs. Choose from materials such as; Washable Mylar, Ceramic or Stainless Steel to pedipad’ls with replacement disks. Stainless Steel or plastic handled corn cutters with replacement blades are also available to help maintain hard rough skin.



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