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8PC Professional Manicure Implement Kit 

8PC Professional Manicure Implement Kit

THE IMPLEMENT KIT is beautifully presented in a durable leatherette case and contains;
• Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher and Knife
• Sleek Curve Cuticle Pusher stainless steel
• Stainless Steel Rasp & Pusher
• Stainless Steel Manicure Scissors
• Slanted Tweezers
• Acrylic Cuticle Nippers two arm with locking hand
• Acrylic Cuticle Nipper one arm
• One cut nail Edgecutter.

The tools contained within the implement kit have been manufactured using high grade Japanese steel, this allows the implements to be strong and durable. A protection layer of rust proofing has also been applied.

Illume Sleek Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher is a must have within the implement kit. This implement has two distinctively different ends the first being the Sleek Curved Pusher. The sleek curve has been specifically designed to eliminate any damage when pushing back the cuticle. The unique shape offers more control and minimizes discomfort for the client. The curette end (or scooped end) is perfect for cleaning around the nails, the scoop is
gentle on the surrounding tissue yet sharp enough to remove the True Cuticle. The scooped head is also ideal for collecting this non living tissue.

All implements can be sterilised in an auto clave and disinfected using Illume Spectrum.
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